Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of deliverables

Clients are required to provide written confirmation (including e-mail) on the event of completion of each of the deliveries identifiable in the System Specifications. Gowebdardy considers such confirmation from the client end as acceptance of such deliverable, including, but not restricted to, acceptance of its layout, design, color, format, content, navigation and functionality. Any modifications to such deliverables after the execution of written confirmation by client, will be subjected to additional billing based on rates offered by GOwebdardy.


The client consents to use the name, and service marks of client in its marketing materials, which will include naming the client as a client of Gowebdardy and a brief description as to the services provided. In addition, Client also grants Gowebdardy the right to display its logo (or other identifying information), hyperlinks to Gowebdardy’s official Web site (http://www.gowebdardy.com/) on the home page or sub pages of the website. Gowebdardy would, however the restrict the size and font to a minimum so as to ensure only basic visibility. Either party may choose to issue a press release related to this Agreement.

Web Site

Unless exclusively decided upon than set forth in this section, Gowebdardy and Client agree that in the event of the full payment of the fees pertaining to Web Site/SEO Services/Project Delivery, client will be assigned all required worldwide rights, titles, and interests in and to the Web Site, i.e., related documentation, custom programming and the source code. Both the client and Gowebdardy agree that Gowebdardy will retain a worldwide, non exclusive, royalty free, transferable, and perpetual copyright and license to the custom programming. Client is deemed responsible for filing,researching and obtaining all related trademarks, patent, copyrights and other intellectual property rights for the project/Web Site, its design and interface, any logos, “taglines”, or any other Web Site/ Project content or documentation. Client and Gowebdardy also agree that the design and development of the client Project/Website may include documentation, source code and or application programs which was previously written or developed by Gowebdardy and customized accordingly to meet the client’s specific requirements. Gowebdardy will assign all intellectual property rights concerned with this.