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Apple App Store is much beneficiary than Google Play Store for the app publishers: Says Survey

When it comes to mobile app development, the publishers get minimum options comprising of two platforms– the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Though both of these digital marketplaces compete with each other, both of them rank first when it comes to the usage worldwide. This is because they both have innumerable features and limitations that compliment each other. But this is not the case in the USA currently.

A recent report reveals where approximately three-quarters of Americans i.e 222.9 million Americans are smartphones users (source: Pew Research Center & statistic) and where almost 98.9% of smartphones are sold in the first quarter of 2017 (source: Gartner official press release), running either on iOS or Android platform, there is a positive inclination of the Americans towards the Apple App Store rather than the Google Play Store in the US! According to the Store Intelligence data of Sensor Tower, at least $1 million revenue is generated by the app publishers from the Apple App Store only.

But the fun is Google has more in store than Apple! According to statistics, Play Store has 2.8 million apps, where App Store has 2.2 million apps only. In this statistics, Play Store’s 75% of share holds the gaming apps, social networking sites & entertainments hold 5% each, total 10% and 15% holds the other apps.

While Apple’s 47% of share is held by the gaming apps, 12% of social networking sites, Entertainment & Lifestyle hold 8% each, Photo & Video & Utilities hold 6% each and other apps hold 14%.

Despite this neck-to-neck competition of these prime two online app market, publishers find App Store more convenient due to certain reasons. The majority of the revenue is generated from the in-app transactions. This clears the picture why Apple is way ahead than Google. This has also impacted the popularity of the media streaming apps offering paid subscriptions that dominate App Store more as users can avail them easily.

The majority of the iOS users belong to the affluent class and are the premium smartphone purchasers, which helps the app publishers to drive a good revenue from the in-app monetization while Android is purchased by people of all races. This has increased the number of million-dollar app publishers in iOS from 34%(2015) to 66%(2016) within a year. Where the million-dollar app publishers in Android has also increased from 14%(2015) to 39%(2016).

Why is App Store way ahead?

  • App Store stays more beneficial to the publishers for its in-app monetization model.
  • Users spend highest in the gaming apps and App Store has a quite good stock of it.
  • Non-gaming apps with in-app monetization cut in the App Store more than the Play Store.
  • Entertainment & media streaming apps are in high demand in App Store than Play Store.

Due to the flexibility and constant upgrade in this domain, the inclination towards App Store can change despite its popularity. According to App Annie, 2017 is going to see a trend of increase for the Android, because of the app ad revenue, where Google profits much higher than Apple.

Things to know to avoid extra expenditure from your website development cost

Whether a small business or a big one, a website is something that they all need to have. This is because, the online presence invokes the promotion, marketing and brand recognition of the organization which enables its online establishment and creates a virtual face to enter the market. The main objective behind this is to generate traffic, i.e., to let the visitors visit your website.

Creating a website is not a big thing to deal with, nowadays. One can easily manage that by hiring a big website development firm. Or one can make it on their own with a little web development knowledge. What makes most of the entrepreneurs devised is the cost of the web development. Neither small nor even the big companies want to waste their revenue in worse development services.

A Little knowledge about the website development can let you become dependable on an inappropriate website designing firm. As a consequence, wrongly designed websites can not only decrease your online position, but also diminish your potential revenue and you can’t even get a good outcome from it.

This situation arouses a thought of hiring an affordable website development company to many entrepreneurs, but that has its own limitations too. Sometimes, the web development cost increases a lot and the entrepreneurs don’t get the reason why. So, a thorough survey of the market and a detailed research about the company is necessary to avoid these extra spendings.

Plain design and remodification

Simple design doesn’t have any appealing factor. But to stay forward in this competitive market and to get noticed by the Google’s web crawler, the plain design doesn’t actually work. Therefore, if a firm gives you a one-page static simple design in the initial stage of your organization, then you may have to remodify it again into a dynamic attractive web page design.

Plan for a long time investment

No website is a one-time investment as it involves a lot of maintenance and remodification. It begins gradually, step by step. From purchasing the domain name, web hosting to design and development and online marketing, everything needs a subtle investment of one time. But maintaining the website is also important. For that, you need to upgrade your website at times and as per market demand to keep pace with others, which needs a good investment too and for the lifespan of the website itself.

Check out the hidden costs

Many companies show a particular cost slab at the beginning, but charges something extra when their services are availed. The charge of the hidden cost can be dangerous and cost increasing too. This problem can be solved if the web development company policies are read thoroughly at the beginning. Questions should be asked to clarify everything.

Data security: Why it’s so important to run an IT business?

An IT company stores a lot of data and information for their further use. These data include personal information, client data details, payment details and other credentials. Every organization has its own storage system where all this information is stored securely by strictly prohibiting any unknown access.

After all these security services, still, there are chances to lose data in any natural calamity or accident. But the most dangerous of losing all the information are to the hackers. Hacking is something that can crush your data or use it to cheat people. This can do more damage to your company and its reputation overall. This is why most of the IT companies have its own data security system that protects all the vital information from unpermitted access by implementing digital privacy method.

Why secure data in an IT company?

The data security system of an IT organization is also known as Information Security or IS, which is used for below-mentioned reasons–

  • To protect the personal database of the company.
  • To secure the banking and financial credentials from unauthorized access
  • To create a backup of the information in case they are deleted or damaged.
  • To secure the client database to keep up a good relationship with them.
  • To monitor and modify the data whenever required.
  • To safeguard confidential information that may harm the company’s reputation if leaked.
  • To protect data corruption.
  • To provide safety assurance to the customers by safeguarding their information.
  • To give controls for critical infrastructure.

Today, most of the data are stored in the cloud computing or in the virtual storage, which makes them more vulnerable to unauthorized access. This has increased the importance of the cyber defense activities for the information technology services in the IT organizations.

An IT firm generally uses a huge volume of data that are monitored, managed, developed, abridged, assembled, documented and stored for the lawful utilization. But with the advancement of the cyber world, the misuse of it has also augmented, which has given birth to the cybercrime to. Hacking the important information from the personal database of a company can be done for too many reasons, such as decreasing an organization’s reputation, dragging it backward than its competitors, stealing client data for legal damage, harming the relationship with the clients and so on.

There is a numerous process through which data security is possible. Some of them are given below–

  • Data encryption and tokenization safety solutions.
  • Protection from cloud computing access.
  • Payment security solutions.
  • Protection of Big Data, IofT and Hadoop data.
  • Enabling hardware security module for safeguarding financial data.
  • Enterprise information security solutions.
  • Protection of web browser access.
  • Mobile app security services.
  • Email security system.
  • SSL certificate validation for websites.

What should be the standard price of doing Search Engine Optimisation services?

SEO has become a necessity now-a-days. This is one of the online marketing services that generates traffic to the website in the organic manner, i.e., non-paid service. SEO helps to uplift the ranking of the keywords on the SERPs that enables more visibility for a better conversion rate and for better generation of ROI. That is why, most of the entrepreneurs choose SEO services to upsurge their visibility on the SERPs.

But the story doesn’t go so easy when it comes to selecting the right one as one have to pick up from the huge list of available organizations, price models and price choices. So, before you select an SEO package, you should be very clarified about what to choose.

First of all, SEO packages can vary. Generally, most of the companies offer a few types of SEO services depending on the budget and features. Each of them has some specialized features which distinguish them from each other. This creates a difference between their prices and clients can avail them as per their requirements.

Some of the companies offer SEO services based on the location, keyword types and websites on which the SEO will be done. The Basic, Local, Standard, Enterprise & E-commerce SEO pricing are the major divisions of this part.

The price model of SEO varies from organization to organization. Each company has its own policies according to which the price list differs.

  • Most of the companies of USA and UK offer prices per hour for SEO which estimated from $100 to 300/hour.
  • Where in some other countries such as India offers SEO prices per month basis that may go from $750 to $5,000.
  • To avoid a bulk price handling issue, some companies offer project based pricing too. The cost depends on the size and sustaining timing of projects that may vary from $1,000 to $30,000.
  • Services on contract depends on the services the clients want to choose such as copy writing, profile analysis, content audit, and social media audit. The prices also vary a lot.
What to know–

The result generated from the SEO takes time as it is a free service and includes some time-taking processes.

Choosing SEO services require a little knowledge about it. Before selecting the Organic SEO service, check out if they are providing the white-level service or not.

Report at the end of the sessions is important and you should ask for them, because reports will reveal the actual audit of your SEO service.

What to keep in mind for responsive Web design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach which suggests that the design and development of the website should respond and adapt to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. The use of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets have grown exponentially and is still growing. More than half of the web population account for mobile devices, hence the magnitude of importance for the mobile optimization of web pages is colossal.

A multitude of different screen sizes exists across phones, phablets, tablets, desktops, game consoles, TVs and even wearable smart devices. The screen sizes are ever changing with the advent of new technology and hence its critically important that the content can adapt to each of these new environments.

The chief things to keep into consideration while making a website fully responsive are as follows:

1. Hiding big content on smaller screen

The layout on mobile devices can be simplified by hiding content that would be visible in large screens. This can be accomplished either by hiding that content completely or enabling show/hide options. This organizes all the key info into a neat, precise manner and provides the user with an option to view more.

2. Large clickable areas for links and buttons

Contrary to making stuff smaller for mobile, the buttons and links should be provided with large areas. This facilitates in easier accessibility in touch screen devices and also in big screens. A horizontal menu that can be swiped gives the visitor a superior suggestion of what the site has to put forward, and reduces the amount of time spent trying to navigate it.

3. Using Media Queries

In the CSS3 language, they work to give the website the precise properties of each browser it relates with. To determine the size of the screen, type of device and orientation of the images, you'll have to effectively use these queries. When text or format looks disproportionate, and there are content or sections that are difficult to read it leads to user disengagement.

4. Loading speeds

Responsive website design is the buzzword of the decade. High resolution photos, animations, slider effects in web pages for desktops are generally used for mobile devices too, and this lead to higher loading speeds for them. According to statistics users tend to leave a site if it does not load within an average of 3 seconds. Hence, it is highly recommended to alter the content, resolution of images and videos and remove unnecessary animations to increase the traffic and keep users engaged with to the point, crisp contents.Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search expanded its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. There are many such cases where the rankings of some webpages have gone down dramatically simply due to the absence of a mobile friendly webpage. Thus, its absolutely imperative that responsive web design is the best strategy to reach out to maximum number of users and stay in top of all the search engine results via increased traffic.

Common reporting Mistakes That May Mess Up A PPC Campaign

Running a PPC Campaign takes a lot of effort, analysis & time. So, generating the reports after a successful campaign. As a PPC marketer, you should be aware of the mistakes that can ruin your endeavor and also of the ways to get rid of them.

Pay-per-click or PPC, if executed properly, can be a very effective marketing tool as it generates click rates on the exchange of a minimum charge for each click on the ad. An experienced & dexterous marketer knows that the execution of perfect reports plays a significant role in this process. Thus, generating online advertising and getting high rated targeted audience response are easier through a PPC campaign. But without a proper stratagem on the accomplishment of the outcome of reports, a PPC campaign can be proved as highly expensive and devastating.

As every click costs to the entrepreneur or the marketer, so the knowledge of a sound report generation of a PPC campaign can be proved quite beneficiary to them, especially when it affects the CPA & the ROI of an organization.

Inappropriate Visual On The Reports May Affect The Reputation

As a PPC campaign runs on the demand of the customers, they can always ask for a report that describes the growth of the campaign. As a successful PPC campaign runner, you know that producing a highly effective PPC report always takes time. So, you should keep it mind that this report should reflect your efficiency, rather be exploring your faults.

Quickly Created Reports May Underrate PPC

Contrary to making stuff smaller for mobile, the buttons and links should be provided with large areas. This facilitates in easier accessibility in touch screen devices and also in big screens. A horizontal menu that can be swiped gives the visitor a superior suggestion of what the site has to put forward, and reduces the amount of time spent trying to navigate it.

Using Media Queries

In the CSS3 language, they work to give the website the precise properties of each browser it relates with. To determine the size of the screen, type of device and orientation of the images, you'll have to effectively use these queries. When text or format looks disproportionate, and there are content or sections that are difficult to read it leads to user disengagement.

So, you should send them gradually!

A PPC campaign may witness several clicks, but the clicks converted to sales are the ones you can take care of. Thus, the conversion to sales depends on the clicks and not on the views. This procedure takes time and the report should be generated on the basis of the conversion. So, sending reports with mere clicks may reduce your repute. Creating a weekly report is possible only if the conversion rate is higher. Moreover, mistakes or wrong decisions about some important parameters such as the choice of keywords or muting the unwanted ad group at the right time can also hamper the report of a PPC campaign or can affect the Google Analytics data.

Experience Does Matter!

Handling PPC data is not a matter of joke. Too much worthless data can ruin the entire campaign. Filtering out the proper information requires previous experience and a certain strategy to be followed. The dexterous PPC experts and Adwords marketers know where to dig in and how to dig into. The focus of the PPC campaigners should be on the reports that are generated for the customers. They are liable for acquiring the details. On the other hand, if the PPC campaign runs for the internal use of an organization, the details are required. Here, the campaigners themselves obtain the details like the ad group integration, keyword optimization, etc. for the sake of their companies with the help of the reporting applications. This data can add an extra value to your report and is quite time saving.

Inaccurate segmentation is a big no no!

Breaking a report in segments makes it easier for the clients to comprehend and analyze the entire campaign. The segmentation should focus on the percentage of conversion rate, CTR, CPA, search query volume, search rank, search lost & cost on the basis of the parameters such as Networks, devices, brands, non-brands, hour of weeks, audiences and should give a detailed statistics of these segments. Inappropriate statistics can harm the reports. Producing a report on the PPC campaign shouldn’t be the major objective of a PPC expert. A report is needed to be generated to showcase the result of the campaign, but it shouldn’t be the only thing to focus on. Reports can be sent through few methods such as the Adwords, Google Analytics, and other reporting tools.

W3C validation: How important it is for your website?

Today, most of the entrepreneurs know that creating a website is not a big deal, rather making it readable on the World Wide Web is. A web developer knows the importance of markup languages or coding for constructing a website. But without the W3C validation, even a well-designed website doesn’t hit the standards.

Now the question is, why W3C validation is becoming so significant nowadays? The best answer to this query can be that a W3C validation tag helps your website to recognize whether it obtains perfection in terms of HTML and XHTML documents and thus, allowing your website’s code to evaluate and conform itself to the formatting standards. Thus, W3C validation helps your website to become technically perfect and enables its readability in the search engines. This can be proved quite beneficiary in this competitive market. How? Let’s see–

Validating a website to the World Wide Web Consortium is a must nowadays. It ensures your website is well-formatted which enables it to be displayed in the browsers & search engines. W3C validation confirms a website is up-to-date in terms of markup language.

Enhances Ranking In SERPs

Nonetheless to say, websites that have errors in coding may consider as underrated by the web crawler which can affect their position on the search engine result pages or SERP. This can cause the negative impact on the SEO of the websites as it may show the websites under rank and viewers may not find them attractive. Once the site becomes user-friendly, this hugely impacts on the traffic of the websites.

Good As The Debugging Tool

W3C validation helps you to identify & recognize the errors in the coding language of your website. Invalid or wrong codes can create problems in making the websites responsive in multiple platforms.

Browser Friendly Website

A website should be displayed properly in all the browsers. The websites without W3C validation are not well-formatted and thus, they may not open correctly in each and every browser. A well-formatted website that has passed W3C validation is easier to be displayed in all the five major browsers, e.g., the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, and Safari. Display of a website in the browsers is quite important as numerous viewers using them and if a website is not properly displayed in any of these browsers, the customers may overlook your website in the crowd.

Facilitate Maintenance Of A Website

W3C validation marks that your site is 100% error free regarding codes and there are no invalid or obsolete coding error on your website. This helps the developers to maintain the website and sustain its perfection and also helps them in modifying and editing the site later.

Future Browser Sustainability Enhances

Validating a website helps it to uphold its quality in the contemporary browsers. Browsers are updated almost everyday. W3C validated websites are easier to run in the latest browsers because validation augments the website’s functions and usage capability. A proper markup language is a must to maintain and enhance the quality of a website. It also impacts on the performance of the website and checks how sustainable it is in the modern and contemporary browsers.